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Top 10 Claims Processing Companies - 2021

The handling and processing of insurance claims have evolved significantly from the beginning of time. New technologies and procedures have helped the insurance sector shed its image for being sluggish to change. The speed and ease of processing claims now directly correlate to the data’s power. In the digital age, each step generates a lot of data. Insurers can better understand their customers by using device data to gather more accurate personal data. This fosters closer ties and gives insurance a much-needed personal touch. Additionally, insurers will be more efficient at detecting fraud, offering customized plans, and producing more precise estimates.

Customers have grown accustomed to quick and efficient service in the modern-day, and insurance businesses must live up to those expectations. Insurance companies are under constant pressure to accelerate claim processing as payment technology advances. Customer expectations have shifted, new technologies have emerged, and new market entrants have compelled insurers to rethink the claims cycle. Insurers are aware that they must adapt their claims management processes to meet changing client expectations in the digital age. Customers want to be served 24 hours a day, they want to choose when to communicate with humans and when to communicate with machines, and they want a straightforward, transparent (preferably real-time) way toreceive what they believe they are owed.

To help leaders navigate the world of claims processing solution providers, Financial Services Review has compiled a list of the most promising claims processing solution providers. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Financial Services Review’s ‘Top 10 Claims Processing Companies - 2021.’

    Top Claims Processing Companies

  • As a pioneer in the independent claims sector, Crocker delivers robust claim adjusting and multi-line claims services for insurance organizations. Essentially, the company acts as the eyes and ears of the insurance organizations it represents. Then, by leveraging technology to investigate and inspect property and casualty claims, Crocker aids those insurers and their customers proactively and accurately accomplish claims settlements. Whether it is property, casualty, or catastrophe claims, Crocker has the best-of-breed claims services to meet all the insurer needs.

  • Holborn Corporation (Holborn) is a privately held independent reinsurance brokerage firm established in 1920. Holborn's offerings include advanced analytic tools, global market access, and responsive services with a commitment to integrity and focus on long-term trust-based relationships. By adopting an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 1998, Holborn became exclusively owned by its employees. For additional information, please visit

  • iStorm Group is dedicated to assisting multi-family property professionals with resolving claims quickly, accurately, and equitably. iStorm has extensive experience in large loss consulting, estimating, construction consulting and project monitoring/quality assurance services across the U.S.

  • Zap Consulting and HVAC Consulting provide the insurance industry with fair and unbiased diagnostic evaluations of electronic items, appliances, and HVAC systems. Since its founding in 2010, Zap has built a loyal client base comprised of over 100 insurance companies and third-party administrators. For these clients, Zap inspects and reports on hundreds of thousands of items every year

  • Claims Management Resources

    Claims Management Resources

    Founded in 1988, Claims Management Resources is an insurance company that provides claim management services. The company adjusts and recovers property damage claims for self-insured entities. CMR collaborates with organizations in the utility industry and governmental agencies. Its professionals are motivated to maximize time, optimize efficiency, scale processes, and get more out of every minute and every dollar. Organizations turn to CMR to recover money faster and allocate staff in more important areas of their organization.

  • Engle Martin & Associates

    Engle Martin & Associates

    Engle Martin & Associates, based in Atlanta, is a loss adjusting and claims management provider. Engle Martin is dedicated to meeting the insurance industry's ever-changing demands and providing consistent and high-quality claims service. The company offers a wide range of services, including commercial property, casualty, heavy equipment, inland marine/cargo, and large loss adjusting, as well as TPA/claims management and subrogation.



    Gallagher Bassett is the provider of risk and claims management services. The company specializes in Property/Casualty Third Party Administrator, Claims Management, Managed Care, Information Management, Risk Control, Appraisal Services, and Workers'​ Compensation. Founded in 1962, Gallagher Bassett is based in Illinois, Rolling Meadows. The company's offerings help organizations to over their challenges and unlock the possibilities ahead of them.

  • McLarens


    McLarens provides claims management, loss adjusting, pre-risk and damage surveying, and auditing services to businesses globally. Aviation, Agriculture, Property, Casualty, Transportation, Technical Services, Crime & Specie, Claims Management, and Audit are some of the specific areas of expertise. McLarens is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and has offices all over the world. McLarens' global footprint enables it to provide global customers with streamlined, consistent service while also providing local expertise and responsive service.

  • Vanguard Claims Administration

    Vanguard Claims Administration

    Vanguard provides third-party claim administration services to commercial and residential properties. Vanguard offers what can only be described as the highest level of claims administration in the industry, based on a tradition of service and excellence. Because of its unique program model, the company is able to provide each client with a consistent level of claims handling regardless of how large or small their specific program is. Close supervision, innovative technology, and personalized service ensure that its customers receive the superior claims management that they expect and deserve.

  • Wardlaw Claims Service

    Wardlaw Claims Service

    Wardlaw Claims Service, founded in 1965, is a claims management and risk solutions firm. It is one of the largest privately held IA firms in the industry today. The company's services include Desk Adjusting, Casualty & Liability, Auto Appraisal, Emergency Services Invoice Reviews, and more. Wardlaw is known for its thoughtful innovation and solution planning, which ensures long-term stability for its clients, adjusters, employees, and stakeholders.

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